• Eastern
    Shiraha Slice Iaido Dance
    More As a mysterious outsider, Aoi's actions are under constant scrutiny. After defending a village from bandits and refusing a reward, many speculate that she is looking for a worthy leader to serve.
  • Paladin
    Judgement Vicious Cuts
    More Branor is the pride of Kingsdor. During a battle against Moonseekers, Branor rescued survivors from both sides after an Ifrit wiped out most of the troops, earning his place with the Paladins.
  • Cleric
    Holy Punishment Holy Heal
    More Only those with great magical talent could understand dragonspeak, so Saoirse listened as the dragon spoke. With the words she had learned, Saoirse became one of the best healers in the world.
  • Imperial
    Lancelot Kingsdor Strikes
    More Reginald had led a charmed life until the death of his father, the king. He was accused of killing his own father. The news caused unrest in the kingdom, and Reginald must prove his innocence to stop it!
  • Head
    Bladestorm Draconic Whirl
    More Skullrock is a legendary Beastkin, rumored to be invincible. He died fighting over a thousand elves by himself, but was resurrected by dark magic. Now, his mind is always in the red mist of battle.